We need modern solutions.

From our 911 system, to our permitting process, to our 300 new licence plate readers (and the 30 existing ones that OPD has turned off indefinitely), and more, Oakland is depending more and more on technology. With the city still recovering from the ransomware attack last year, we need a councilmember who is well-versed in the issues of privacy, security, and modern software. We need to educate our residents about the rising threats of phishing and AI-powered scams. Did you know the new BART fare gates are a security nightmare? We need experienced leaders who know what they are talking about when it comes to technology.

We need to rethink Downtown in light of the surge of remote work opportunities and foster an environment of safe, accessible, public spaces over empty offices. Oakland can be the city of the future without losing the character of its past. Our outdated building code is preventing us from building faster, cheaper, better housing.

Oakland must take notes from San Francisco and begin the process of seizing PG&E's assets via eminent domain to create our own public power system. There is no reason but PG&E's continued negligence and greed that Oakland residents should face a constant barage of rolling blackouts and rate increases.

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